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Keynote Topic
Panel Discussion Topic

Keynote Topic:
Shifting Childhood Trajectories: What does it take?

This keynote speech delves into poverty's impact on young children and emphasises the importance of early investment in altering childhood trajectories. It explores factors impacting child development outcomes and later life success. Through this keynote, we hope to inspire participants to adopt child-centric, holistic and integrated approaches in supporting the development of young children, and to consider policy and systemic shifts in addressing inequalities.

Panel Discussion Topic:
Cultivating a Stronger Ecosystem Around Young Children 

What does it mean to do well by our children? How do educators and social service practitioners contribute to the well-being and development of young children during their formative years? In this panel discussion, we will explore the concept of child-centricity and examine essential elements in cultivating robust and empowering ecosystems of care. Come and discover how the impact can be multiplied when professionals across different sectors come together in collaboration and integration. 

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